Monday, December 29, 2008

Where do i begin.

First, it got cold.

Very Cold.

Our Furnace decided it didn't want to work anymore, and died shortly after Thanksgiving. Everybody was cold while we waited to have a new furnace installed.

Ahhhhh, heat. It took them a day to install it, luckily it was warmer out side than it was suppose to be that time of year so nothing froze.

Then Harper and I turned into rabbits.
Not really, we were playing at the Children's Zoo in Central Park.

Then the girls decided to grow up on me. I had to take them to the doctors to get a special operation to... well you know. They are both recovering fine and don't remember much of that day.

Over Christmas Harper had to explain to Popo and Great Grandma that this is a map of the United States and it holds those funny collectible quarters. She managed to put the pieces that the two previous generations had taken out back in the right order (in a matter of minutes).

Happy Holidays to you all.
Our holiday cards will probably be ready by next year (2010 that is).