Thursday, March 15, 2007

Our New "Temporary" Home

Welcome to the world of The Black (Grey) Squirrel and the Teenage Driven "High End" SUV.

There seems to be a strange mutation running a muck here in Westchester County. The grey squirrel ( Sciurus carolinensis ) has decided it prefers to be black. I'm assuming it has based it's decision on the fact that most cars in the area are also the same color, and therefore will not clash with it when run over. (People are crazy here)

Which brings me to my next point. No one should let a 16 year old drive a $50,000 (or higher) car to school. It's just not right people. I don't care how good their grades are, teenagers don't know how to drive.

For those of you who can't tell from the picture, that would be an Acura SUV parked behind a Lexus SUV out side the local high school. There were also quite a number of Volvo's, Audi's, and Mercedes' in the student lot. It makes me want to vomit. Parked in the Teachers lot, were Volkswagen's and Honda's.

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Lori D said...

Greetings from from Stepford, IL, to you in Stepford, NY! We have the same problem here on the North Shore - right down to the black (Grey) squirrels! Not all of the squirrels have the unusual coloration, but enough that you notice. Also, we're fortunate that Lake Forest College colors are red and black - squished Hammy becomes a sign of school spirit. We've also noticed signs of moral decrepitude among the squirrels - you know how male squirrels are supposed to impress potential mates with the size and lavishness of the nests they build? We've noticed a number of nests about 10 feet off the ground, just barely out of reach of the dogs, and very much in view of the neighborhood hawks. These are clearly the one-night-stand "good enough" bach pads for lazy squirrels. They probably have a 3000 sq ft multi-room nest for mom and the kids up in the top of some oak somewhere and just use the bach pad for young intern squirrels. Squirrels are, after all, a product of their environment.