Sunday, August 12, 2007

Do Not Try This At Home

This little guy/gal was running across the road and got hit by the car ahead of us. It is a baby bobcat. Now for legality reasons: Do not handle wildlife with out protection, call the local game warden first. You may end up having to get rabies shots (yet to be determined in my case) But you know me anything to save something small and furry, or even large and furry.
So far the update is that the little kitty has a broken leg but is currently in the category for rehabilitation.

*Due do his/her injuries not being as severe as they thought he/she is being released today to hopefully be rejoined with his/her mom and siblings. Also no rabies shot needed.*


Anonymous said...

Wow! that is really cool! - maybe a bit risky and a tad reckless, but still cool!

great pics-

Anonymous said...

I petted his/her head, too. Really cute little cat. Can we keep it? Popo

Lori D said...

Of course, the rules for handling wildlife apply to those who don't speak their language. Remember Alaska? The ground squirrels posing for photos, the grizzly sharing blueberries, and then there was the moose. . . The only critters you didn't have a rapport with were the mosquitos. Hanging out with you is like hanging out in a scene from Snow White. Hope the kitty makes a full recovery.