Monday, June 16, 2008

a series of unfortunate events

The white spot in the picture is a paper towel wrapped with a plastic bag. While at my other grandmother's house I managed to step on something very sharp and cut the pad on my right foot. It was a pretty good cut too, I left bloody paw prints on the patio. Scared my parents almost to death, but I'm brave and it didn't bother me at all. I let them check me out, clean it and wrap it up so I didn't bleed on the carpet (or the couch).

Now they make me wear this boot that my mom got from LL Bean. (I don't like it at all it's not even water proof and makes me all slippy) But while I wear it I can run around outside again. Inside I have a cool looking ace bandage thing instead of a paper towel.

I also found out that our realtor mixed up a few details for us (we thank her very much for that) and so it will be a lot longer now before I have my own yard to run around in (hopefully glass free).


Dan and Janet said...

I am sorry, it must be disappointing, but good things come to those who wait and there must be some reason other than bad luck that you have to wait a little longer. Don't worry, it will happen and just think of how GOOD it will feel when it finally does.

Anonymous said...

I agree. S--t happens to all of us. But, it could be worse. And Ruby, take care of your foot. At least I don't have glass in my backyard. Love Mom

Mal said...

Dear Ruby,
I know just how you feel. I get stuck inside our house a lot because our neighbors let their dogs poop all over our yard and they don't clean it up. When that happens Mom and Dad don't let me play in the yard unless they can watch me VERY closely. I think I am stuck here for a while longer, but I hope you get your own yard very soon.