Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kitten Antics and Pierced Ears

Stella has lately decided that every surface is her own personal cat tree. She likes to sit on top of the TV, on top of the freezer and my shoulder while I'm trying to make dinner.

Ruby on the other hand decided she was going to try piercing her ears. She managed to get a scratch so deep on her ear, it actually poked all the way through her ear. She was running all crazy like through the woods near dusk, and must have run into a tree branch or bramble that sliced a pretty good chunk out of her ear. She is doing fine, we are holding off on the gold hoops till she gets a little older. She was very patient while we cleaned her ear and applied neosporin, and has been a bit more cautious while running through the woods. Although I expect this to wear off as she forgets what happened the last time.


Anonymous said...

Ruby looks really cute with earrings. You should let her get her ears pierced. Must be something with the Stella, Bella, because Bella rides on my shoulders, too. Not while I am making dinner, though.
Love MOM

Dan and Janet said...

Ruby, I like your bling!