Friday, February 27, 2009

Self Tagged

Here are the rules.

1. Go to your picture folder & select the sixth folder.
2. Select the sixth picture in the folder.
3. Tag six people....

I, much like my sister have changes the rules too. It is now a Tag Yourself option.

Here is my 6th picture. It is my sixth picture of the first folder (I don't have six folders, at least not is one spot).

This is Ruby running crazy through my mom's back yard after a huge snowstorm last year. She is going on 5 years old and still runs just as crazy. Just look at the slightly crossed eyes and the helter skelter dog tags.

1 comment:

Dan and Janet said...

You have to admire Ruby's energy! Ruby and Harper should be put in hamster balls (the plastic exercise kind, not the little furry kind...)and run crazy and we could hook them up to the power grid and have free electricity.