Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I have to give credit to our baby bunny finder, Ruby. She found a nest of bunnies in RI, stepped on a baby bunny at Popo's house and found this nest at our current house. They were a week or two old when she found them, and have since grown up and left the nest. We still see them bouncing around the yard from time to time.

I was nervous that she had scared the mother bunny away by disturbing the nest, so I started watching the nest. All day had pasted before I decided to look up more information on-line. ( I love google)

We found out that bunnies get fed once maybe twice a day. The mother only visits the nest in the early morning and late evening hours. This keeps predators from finding the nest. But leaves the babies on their own for the rest of the time.

After finding out when the mom was most likely to visit I put a video camera out the window and recorded the nest. What I got was the rare 5 minutes of feeding time. (She actually spent about 15 min in total, but I sped it up.)


Anonymous said...

Hey, we have a nest of bunnies, too. Dad ran over it with the tractor, in the field. One bunnie didn't make it but the others were still in the nest with new hay, and bunnie fuzz all over.
Love MOM

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