Friday, June 08, 2007

Shhhhh.... I grabbed my mom's camera when she wasn't looking

I just wanted to give my own update. I've been shuffled around from place to place for so long now that I was concerned that you may have forgotten about me.

Now I took these photos myself and well that's not a flattering shot of my backside. How did that get loaded? So bare with me I don't have thumbs, my mom keeps saying they're on back order. I don't think I believe her anymore.

We all seem to be doing OK. My dad absolutely LOVES his new job and my mom can't wait to get settled in to find a new job herself, she really didn't like her old one. My Grandma's and Grandpa are great, they feed me stuff from the table when my parents aren't looking. I've gotten to see my cousin Harper a bunch of times, I love her because she's at the perfect sniffing height, and I can follow her around the house now that she's mobile. My aunt's and uncle (and uncle to be) are really fun. I get so excited when I see them that I run around crazy in the yard. And I'm told that pretty soon I get to see Ernie* again. I haven't seen him since this past fall. I hope he hasn't forgotten me. I get so nervous around him, he's so big and handsome.

Ooops, dropped it.

This is me on an African safari. Well I haven't been to Africa yet but with the number of trips in the car it feels like I could have been there and back already.

I haven't figured out when the timer setting on the camera will go off.
I want to give a "shout out" to my long lost Brother and Sisters. We'll be together soon.

Oh and Welcome to the Dog Daze of Summer. 90+ degrees in May!? I don't even want to think about August. Stay cool, and cool.

With Much Love,


*PS. This is Ernie, I told you he was handsome.


PoPo said...

Ruby, you are too cute. Using the camera all by yourself, you are one terrific granddogger. I love you lots. I miss you. Come back soon. Love Popo

Harper said...

Cute pictures, Ruby!
Mom lets me blog, but she always says, "No touch!" when I reach for the camera. or the remote... or the phone... or the tv...
Come to think of it, she sure says that a lot.

Anyway, I miss you and I hope to sniff you soon, too.