Thursday, July 24, 2008

A little off subject

Not that I have a subject usually, but this caught my attention.

I am running a poll. Which car would you rather drive? Which looks more appealing to you? I've done my best to hide their manufacturing, but if you know which is which that's OK. I'll post later with what I think and why I have a problem with both of these cars. Because there is a problem, a big one. (besides the fact that one is a hatch back and one is a sedan)

Which do you choose?

Car A

Car B

PS. Just for every one's info, I'm not looking to buy one of these. (My little Honda still gets 40mpg. Only 5 miles per gallon less than the Prius.)


Anonymous said...

I vote for Car B. It looks cool and I like the hubcaps.
Love MOM

Anonymous said...

I am not a huge fan of hatch backs, but there is something about Car B that I like better than Car A. It looks sportier (not sure if that is spelled right).
Car B...Final Answer


Anonymous said...

Jenny...Neither - go for a Prius
Love Edna

Lori D said...

All things being equal, I will always choose the hatchback over the sedan, so I'll go with Car B. But, since I can get a 3'x 8' sheet of plywood in the Prius without removing M's car seat, I'm not really looking for a new car. ;>

Anonymous said...

i rate cars using the same criteria as i did in high big is the back seat?