Thursday, July 31, 2008

My dream car (which doesn't exisist....yet)

Here is what it might look like....
This is Toyota's Concept Car the Venza, due out next year.

Double sunroof for people/pups in the back.

Check out the space in the back!

Now if they would make it with a really efficient Hybrid, Electric or Hydrogen engine, and let me power it from the sun, wind or clean water sources, it would be perfect. Sadly Toyota is making it with the basic plain old gasoline engine. (MPG better be in the high 30's)

Check out Toyota's photos.

PS. I'm not getting a new car for quite some time, I want gas free for my next one.


Anonymous said...

Let's see. I vote for the red one. Just kidding. They both look cute. Maybe when you are finally looking to buy a new car, they will have a gas free one. I hope so, because free gas is hard to come by.
Love MOM

Dan and Janet said...

After having beans for dinner I would also like to be gas free.
You know what they say about them being the magical fruit and all.
heh heh.