Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guess Where I am?

There needs to be a little cleaning up. My mom said that this carpet was so old that it was endorsed by Lincoln.

It was so beaten up that the carpet pad turned to dust.

Check out this room.

The word "Finally" just doesn't even come close.

More to follow.

Love Ruby


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! It looks great already. And Congratulations. Finally, you have a place of your own, again. Can't wait to see it myself. Love you both. Love MOM

Dan and Janet said...

Wahoo! You have an address again. We are happy for you and I hope that we get to see it soon.
Janet, Dan and Harper

Malcolm said...

Yay, Cousin Gia! We're so glad you found a new home. Just another couple years and maybe we will have a place, too! Miss you. Love,