Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tips, Warnings, and Funny Stories

Around the holiday season there are many things around the house that aren’t usually present through out the year; wrapping paper, bows, tree ornaments, and ribbons.

I’m not sure how many of you out there have critters that might find all this new stuff quite funny to play with. So here is

The Tip:

Give your pets their Christmas toys early. This will keep them occupied with something new that they are allowed to play with.

The Warning:

If you have cats that think eating ribbon is fun, keep reading.

The Funny Story:

Now because we are in transition the cat box is in the bath tub of the bathroom that I use also. Late last night I was getting ready for bed. I look over and Eddie decided this is a perfect time to stink up the place. Only things don’t appear to be going quite as smoothly as he would like them too. He hops out of the box like something has grabbed him by the tail and looks wildly around. That is when I saw it, the glimmer of a little red shiny thing hanging out from under his tail.

Here is where it gets funny. Picture in your mind the music to Benny Hill (the British comedy show that often runs on PBS) and me and Eddie chasing each other around the bathroom (as small as it is) him with a little red ribbon sticking out of his butt and me with a wad of toilet paper trying to catch it. We played this game for a good 5 to 10 minutes before I was able to tackle him to the ground lift his tail and remove an eight inch piece of ribbon from his bum.

I have been watching to make sure things have been moving smoothly ever since and have put away lots of ribbon in the house.

Happy Holidays!!!


Dan and Janet said...

Thank you for the 'heads up'.
Let's hope that ribbon doesn't get regifted...

Mom said...

Cute, are you saying I shouldn't put ribbons on YOUR Christmas presents, or I shouldn't GIVE you Christmas presents ? Ruby misses you, lots. Hurry back.

Anonymous said...

Glad I finally caught up. Somehow my web browser got caught on yout Thanksgiving blog, and never showed any updates. I thought that was weird. Once Mom said you had updated (a lot) I had to investigate.
The house looks great, the cats are adorable, and Ruby is... Well a dog! She's cute too. Hope the finalizing of the move goes well. Glad you will be closer.