Saturday, October 06, 2007

Doggy DNA

As I'm sure most of have heard already about the ability to test your dogs DNA and figure out what breeds are in mix breed dogs. I don't know about the rest of you but I am super excited to try it. And we will be trying it possibly next year. (I want the blood test version that tracks more breeds, over the mouth swab that only does about 38)

Well now that my mom has spoken, I get my say. I say its not important about where you come from so long as your with family. It doesn't matter what your DNA make up is or if it is different from everybody else in your family. What is important is to love being who you are, love your family and have plenty of freeze dried chicken, uh I mean, and be loved by your family.

Now on the other hand, who wouldn't want to find out more about this face?

Here are some links if you are interested.

Today Show Video Clip

MetaMorphix Inc. (DNA tester 1)

The Mars Wisdom Panel - MX Mixed Breed Analysis Test

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Dan and Janet said...

Harper agrees with the family part but disagrees with the chicken. She prefers fries.