Monday, October 29, 2007

What do these things have in Common?

These three things have been causing me some stress lately. If you didn't guess by the second photo, the brakes or brake lines failed on the Ford. If you haven't had to replace a brake line or two, you wouldn't know the price tag associated with the repair. However since brakes control 50% of your cars motion, we decided it was better to get it fixed. It did make for an interesting day of doing errands, when the brake lines failed and subsequently the brakes failed. There is nothing like it to get you heart pumping when in traffic.

Now I figure we can either laugh our way through this as in; what more can happen at this moment to make things absolutely perfect... (just a wee bit of sarcasm there)

Or we could just cry...

I think we'll choose to laugh about it (maybe in a few days). What else can we do but give up or give in and we're not even close to that (yet).
(Not that we're tempting fate [gentle glance upward] we have had enough bad things to last us quite a while, thanks.)

PS. The ABS housing for both front tires is also being replaced $$$

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Anonymous said...

FORD= 'Fix Or Repair Daily'

Remind me to tell you about the time a buddy and I drove from WY to NY with a blown master cylinder. Ahh, good times...good times!