Thursday, October 25, 2007

lots going on

Wow there is so much going on right now i think my head is spinning. Two out of the three new additions have arrived already, the third is due shortly. We've had people go from two to three. And my cousin just went from one to two. (She's the little girl pictured below, she is missing a lot of her fur but I love her anyway)

I also helped my grandad and my mom put up a new fence. I said "screw the fence lets just move back there". My mom said we couldn't because of my dad's new job. Ok but he owes me big time, that was my first back yard to run around in. I did a few crazy circles for old time sake. Here is the new fence, I held the level, that is why it's so straight.

The front yard is nice and cozy now, but for some reason my mom said I still wasn't allowed to play so close to the road. Parents they don't let you do anything fun.

Well we are getting closer to the holiday season. My favorite is thanksgiving (I love turkey, if anyone needs gift ideas) Lots of birthday's and fun stuff to go do and see. And then... Dare I say it. The... Winter Solstice. (gotcha) The shortest day of the year will be soon upon us, time to break out those little lights to help make the darkness not seem so powerful. You thought I was going to say Christmas. Naaawwww that's ages away. Hope to see you all at some point. Hope the house sells too. That way my mom can stop complaining about it.

Love, Ruby

PS. Thanks Grandpa, the fence looks really nice


Harper said...

The fence does look good! Don't worry, your mom will sell the house soon and then you will be able to run around in a new backyard!

Mal said...

Hi, Ruby,

We haven't met yet, but you seem like you are going to be a great cousin. Do you think we will see you this weekend? I have an Uncle Jill out here in Chicago who says I smell nice, but not as nice as a puppy. I was hoping you could help me with that.

PS - I like your fence.