Monday, October 23, 2006

Celebrations, Birthdays and Blogs

Well it was a busy, busy week for practically everybody I knew. And luckily I got to see almost everyone. We celebrated my grandmothers 90th birthday (although she doesn’t turn 90 till December 9th).
We celebrated Uncle Frank’s 95th birthday!!!


We celebrated Harper’s 1st birthday.


We talked about kids and blogs, and blogs and kids, and how lucky we were that we didn’t burn the place down with grandma’s cake.

I’m glad I got to see everyone.

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Mom said...

Great job, Jen. I am glad you were part of the "party". Now you can stay home and work on the house. Love MOM

Edna said...

Glad to see you and Ruby, too! I know it's going to get lonely, but you've done it before. Just get that house ready and double the price. Andy may have a job selling a house for you too. Love Edna

Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldn't be there, but I promise I'll be there for her 100th birthday.