Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ruby's New Digs

When we brought Ruby home we realized we had a problem. Ruby couldn't turn around in her kennel with the E-collar on. This made her very nervous and not very comfortable. So I ran to the store and picked up an exercise pen, it is bottom and top-less but keeps her in one area so she wont hurt herself accidentally.

Ruby has been confined for three days now. She has another 2 months to go before she can resume normal activity.

Yaaaawwwnnn "Um, hey mom. How long is 8 weeks again?"

"You're kidding right?"


Anonymous said...

While confined in her pen, Ruby thinks, "BORING!!!!"


PoPo said...

I like Ruby's new digs. It looks like more freedom even though she can't play yet. It will look great in my family room, too. Can't wait. Love Grandma.