Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I think she might have a bionic implant. I hope they can fix the others to match so this wont keep happening.


Peter Chu said...

I looked like Ruby this past saturday morning after a night of drinking... I wonder what Ruby must think.

Ruby: Wow, mom and dad took me to this crazy club the other day where the people were in weird costumes and masks. I think someone slipped me a spiked drink cuz when I woke up I had a wicked hangover and someone played a prank on me where a huge chunk of my hair was shaved off... Oh, ha ha, Wednesday, laugh it up! I bet you did it...

Give Ruby a big hug and I can't wait to see y'all again.

Dan and Janet said...

Well, Ruby looks like a turtle, but she can probably crush a tennis ball with her back paw now. That always has its advantages.

Does Ruby slur when she talks? That is always the funniest. You should write down all the whack things she says because she might not remember it later.

I remember when Dan had his wisdom teeth out and he was just waking up he said, "*$&% the police".

It was classic.